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1 March 2016
The representative of French company “Enekio” Jean Louis Armand visited the Administration of FEZ "Vitebsk".
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4 March 2016
Awarding of Foreign LLC “LINPAK Packaging East” in the nomination “The best resident of FEZ “Vitebsk” 2015”.
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27 April 2016
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11 May 2016
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12 May 2016
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13 May 2016


18 April 2016

The Company "Beshenkovichi Agroprodukt"was registered as new FEZ "VITEBSK" Resident....


4 April 2016

he changes are made to the Decree of the President of Republic of Belarus from 2.27.2015 No.103..


18 April 2016

The Company "Beshenkovichi Agroprodukt"was registered as new FEZ "VITEBSK" Resident....


4 April 2016

he changes are made to the Decree of the President of Republic of Belarus from 2.27.2015 No.103..

Why FEZ ""Vitebsk"
Main benefits


1. How to became FEZ "Vitebsk" resident ?

Registration as a FEZ “VITEBSK” resident is carried out:

  • standard application form (approved by FEZ “VITEBSK” Administration);
  • duly certified copies of the constituent documents with showing the original documents , copy of state registration certificate with showing the original document;
  • the business plan of the investment project;

2. What preferences are provided for FEZ "Vitebsk" resident?

• Exemption from profit tax for 10 calendar years since gross profit announcement. After 10 years, income tax rate will be reduced to 50% of the standard rate of tax. At present standard income tax rate is 18%.;
• Exemption from real estate tax;
• Exemption from a number of payments, relating to the implementation of construction projects (exemption from land tax during the period of objects design and construction, payment for the right to make the land lease contract, compensatory payments for the cost of flora objects);
• The residents of FEZ are exempted from the obligatory sale of foreign currency;
• Import duties and taxes are not levied on the import of foreign goods (building structures, technological equipment, raw materials, components, etc.) with the use of customs procedure of free customs zone (FCZ), in which goods are placed and used within the territory of free economic zone.
• Concerning foreign goods, placed under the customs procedure of FCZ and used for goods manufacture, with a sufficient degree of processing and export outside the Eurasian Economic Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) customs procedures of export or re-export are applied, which do not provide for the payment of customs duties and taxes.

3. How to use privileges ?

The special legal regime, providing for preferential conditions for entrepreneurial and investment activities, applies to legal persons duly registered as residents of FEZ "Vitebsk" in the following cases:
• sales of their own production outside of the Republic of Belarus;
• sales of their own production to other residents of free economic zones of the Republic of Belarus;
FEZ residents must provide a separate accounting of revenue (income), expenses (costs), the amounts involved in determining the tax base for taxes, dues (duties) on the activity, to which the peculiarities of taxation in FEZ are applied.

4. Preferential taxation. Are there any limits ?

The peculiarities of taxation in FEZ, established by Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus are not applied to catering, gaming, organization and holding of interactive electronic games activity, trading and purchasing activities, transactions on the securities market.

5.Is my activity forbidden in Fez "Vitebsk" territory ?

For the residents of FEZ within the limits of free economic zone are forbidden the following activities:
• production, possession, sales, repair of weapons or their components, weapons ammunition, explosive devices, and also production, possession and sales of explosives;
• production, processing, possession, neutralization, sales of radioactive and other dangerous materials;
• traffic of narcotics, psychotropic substances, or their precursors;
• sowing, cultivation, processing, possession, sales of crops, containing toxic substances; production of alcoholic beverages, excluding champagne, grape wines and beer; tobacco goods production;
• production of securities, currency notes and coins, postage stamps; lottery activity;
• preparation and broadcasting of radio or television programs, excluding radio or television technical service; curing of persons with illnesses that are dangerous for people’s health; curing of animals with dangerous illnesses;
• activity, connected with job placement of citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens, stateless persons, residents of the Republic of Belarus, or residents abroad.

6. An enterprise is not fez "Vitebsk" Resident. but is located withing its territory. Does it have any preference ?

The enterprise that is located on the territory of FEZ “Vitebsk” has the opportunity to use privileges and preferences only if it implements an investment project and is registered as a resident of FEZ “Vitebsk”.

7.Can a company be registrated as a FEZ "Vitebsk" Resident outside its territory?

FEZ legislation provides for territorial principle of enterprises location. It means that the enterprise may become a resident of FEZ only if it is located on the territory of FEZ.

8.A company provides service. How to became FEZ "Vitebsk" residents ?

It is possible in the case of fulfillment of the requirements, established by FEZ legislation.

9.Should i belive rumors that all the FEZ's are going to be closed by Junuary 1, 2017?

On the 1st of January 2017 the liquidation of free economic zone “Vitebsk” is not planned, because free economic zone “Vitebsk” was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of the 4th of August, 1999 № 458 "On the establishment of free economic zone "Vitebsk" for a period of 30 years.

In relation to privileges and preferences we should inform that on the 1st of January, 2017 all enterprises-residents will carry out their activities within the framework of unified customs rules of work in FEZ.

On the 1st of January, 2017 for FEZ residents, registered before the 1st of January, 2012 that deliver goods produced by FEZ residents to the rest of the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Community (Customs Union), customs privileges will be abolished. To the residents, registered after the 1st of January, 2012 customs privileges won’t be applied.

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